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  3. [Aoi Suites] 3-Hour BYO Outfit Ceremony and Photography Package

[Aoi Suites] 3-Hour BYO Outfit Ceremony and Photography Package

Starting from 546,500 JPY

A ceremony plan with everything you need, including attire and accessories with a professional photographer capturing your precious moments.

Wedding Ceremony

(Custom program)
(Officiated in English)

Wedding Dress

(Western style)

Wedding Suit

(Western style)

Hair set and Makeup
(For the bride at the hotel you are staying)

Bouquet arrangement

Cake Cutting Ceremony

Toast Ceremony

Photography Session

(During Ceremonies and preferred location)

Private Transportation

(Hotel Roundtrip)

Translator Guide

Plan Details

Ceremony Related

⚫︎ Choose your wedding ceremony venue from inside the Kō-unji temple or the gardens of Aoi Villa’s Kangetsu-tei Nanzenji Bettei

⚫︎ Choose a ceremony style from an elopement wedding or create an original program which are all officiated in English

Photography Related

⚫︎ Photography in the Gardens of Nanzenji Bettei, Kō-unji Temple Grounds, and the nearby ‘Philosopher’s Path’ (11:00 AM – 1:00 PM)

⚫︎ 2 hours and 30 minutes of photography, covering preparation, ceremony, and the photo session.

⚫︎ Photo Data provided with retouching

Optional Services

⚫︎ Private car tour and photography after ceremony – 50,000 JPY + TAX
From Venue to Hotel (1.5 hours) – Photography session to your preferred locations within Kyoto city using a private vehicle.

⚫︎ Outfit change to Japanese traditional attire (Bride and Groom) – 55,000 JPY + TAX
Outfit selection (Bride – White Bridal Kimono or Colored Furisode (choose from 3 patterns), Groom – Black Montsuki)

⚫︎ Outfit rental plan with Translator Guide (2 Hours) – 33,000 JPY
Customer covers transportation fee to outfit salon
Outfit costs are to be paid by the customer on-site, credit cards

⚫︎ Memorial lunch or dinner reservation after the photoshoot – Quote provided when inquired

⚫︎ Ceremony Background Music: Keyboardist (1 person) – ¥11,000
For Ceremony, Cake & Champagne Ceremony – Approximately 40 minutes

Ceremony Progress

First Meet (5-7 minutes)

The highlight of the day is undoubtedly the “first meet.” Typically held before the ceremony, the couple comes together in a private and intimate setting. This emotional encounter is a poignant moment filled with excitement, nerves, and sheer joy as they see each other for the first time on their wedding day.


Ceremony (15-20 minutes)

Following the “first meet,” the couple, now dressed in their wedding attire, proceeds to the ceremony venue. Surrounded by loved ones, they exchange vows, symbolizing their commitment to each other. The ceremony is a heartwarming celebration of love, marked by music, readings, and the exchange of rings.


Traditional Japanese Celebratory Toast

In Japan, the tradition of sharing a cup of sake has long been a symbol of forging connections and deepening bonds. In traditional Japanese weddings, a significant ritual known as the “San San Kudo” involves a sake ceremony to signify the “proof” of marriage. This ceremony represents the past, present, and future, with sake poured into three different-sized cups representing small (the past), medium (the present), and large (the future).
In a slight variation inspired by this Japanese tradition, you will experience a ceremony where the couple alternately drinks from cups filled with sake, symbolizing the deepening of their bond. This ceremony does not carry any specific religious connotations and is designed to capture the essence of the Japanese style of celebrating relationships through the shared act of drinking sake.


Cake cutting and Champagne toast

The cutting of the wedding cake is a symbolic act, often followed by other cultural or personal traditions. These rituals add a personal touch to the celebration and create lasting memories for the couple and their guests.


Price & Reservation

[Aoi Suites] 3-Hour BYO Outfit Ceremony and Photography Package
Private car tour and photography (OP)
50,000JPY + TAX
Outfit change: Dress to Japanese traditional attire (OP)
55,000JPY + TAX
Memorial lunch or dinner
Quote Provided
Outfit rental plan with interpretation
Ceremony Background Music: Keyboardist (OP)
11,000 JPY