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  3. [Onomichi] Wedding Photography Package

[Onomichi] Wedding Photography Package

Starting from 320,000JPY

This package offers a stunning array of photo-worthy locations to make your special day unforgettable. Capture the charm of Senkoji Park’s Ponpoko Rock, the historic beauty of Tenneiji’s three-storied pagoda against the Onomichi Waterway, and the breathtaking views from PEAK Observatory. Additionally, the quaint and atmospheric shopping streets provide a perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. This package ensures a variety of scenic spots, blending natural beauty with cultural heritage, for a truly memorable wedding photography experience.

Wedding Dress

Wedding Suit

Hair set and Makeup
(For the broom and bride)

Photography Session

Plan Details

Photography Related

⚫︎ Photography in the Hill of Hope and Kōsan-ji Temple

⚫︎ Total 4.5 hours from start to end, covering the photo session.

⚫︎ Photo Data provided with retouching

Optional Services

⚫︎ Add Location – 41,000 JPY

⚫︎ Weekend Orders – 41,000 JPY

Photoshoot Progress

Hair and Makeup at Otomeya

Begin your special day at Otomeya, conveniently located near JR Onomichi Station, for professional hair, makeup, and dressing services. This preparation ensures you look your best for the photo shoot.


Photography Session

Travel to various picturesque locations in Onomichi, including Ponpoko Rock in Senkoji Park, the three-storied pagoda of Tenneiji with views of the Onomichi Waterway, PEAK Observatory, and the charming shopping streets. These diverse and beautiful settings provide stunning backdrops for your wedding photos.


Return to Otomeya

After the photography session, return to Otomeya to change out of your wedding attire. This step provides a comfortable transition from the photoshoot to the end of the day.


Wrap-Up and Departure

Conclude the session by wrapping up any final details and preparing for departure. The entire process ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Total Duration: Approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes.


Price & Reservation

[Onomichi] Wedding Photography Package
Addtional Location
41,000 JPY
Weekend Orders
41,000 JPY